In May 2010, the Kansas Legislature passed Transportation Works for Kansas (T-WORKS), an $8 billion 10-year transportation program. T-WORKS is designed to create jobs, preserve highway infrastructure, and provide multimodal economic development opportunities across the state.

More than 2,000 Kansans participated in the development of T-WORKS and helped create better business models for each transportation mode. Below is a list of some the key features of T-WORKS:

  • A new highway project selection process that uses engineering data, local input and economic impact analysis to evaluate projects. Economic impact analysis helps Kansans get a good return on their investments.
  • An expanded Economic Development Program, which will be more flexible and responsive (i.e. decisions made in 45 days or less) to help communities capitalize on emerging economic opportunities.
  • A regional transit approach to make services more efficient and expand coverage across the state.
  • More Kansans will have access to air ambulance services thanks to a more strategic selection process for aviation projects.
  • An expanded Rail Program that will now allow shippers and industrial parks to be eligible for program funds along with local governments.
  • And T-WORKS means that Kansas highways can be maintained at the performance level Kansans have come to expect.

T-WORKS provides the framework and the funding to make sure Kansas transportation services work for you.

T-WORKS Funding

Below is break down of how much funding each program will receive over the 10 years of the program.

Highway Preservation Projects
$3 Billion
Highway Modernization & Expansion Projects
$1.3 Billion
Economic Development Program
$100 Million
Transit Services
$100 Million
Aviation Projects
$46 Million
Rail Projects
$40 Million
Special City County Highway Fund (Local Projects)
$1.5 Billion
Total Program
$6.1 Billion

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